Because we cannot wait for decisions at a global level to better the world, we as citizens must intervene.

Because toguether small actions eventually do add up.

Considering that craftsmanship: a slow, carefully done, costly job has for many years been devalued as the invisible job of far off lands. It´s Qalan that crossses the borders and searches for a dialogue between those dream makers, narrators, and those memories that have long been forgotten. We have been working with artisans in rural South American communities for over 15 years, all the while, adhering to a philosophy of Fair Trade. At Qalan we contribute, to the best of our ability, to bettering the quality of life in these communities. Recently Qalan has begun working in Asia and Africa while following these same ethical principles.

In order to do this, we travel to the chosen country and live toguether with the artisans in their communities. We study their techniques, so that we can apply them to our designs. We visit different workshops and speak with the owners to evaluate wether the project is feasible. We choose the workshop which we believe will better adapt to our principles and needs, so we can begin to produce samples of our designs to later market them. Qalan workshops are run by the native women of each community whom are directly involved in the projects.


Our motivation

Qalan has been created to offer a sustainable change in the commercial relatinship established with artisans from Ecuador, the Agras region of India and Madagascar. Artisans are given a chance to participate in an international market while our clients are offered a glimpse into the artisanal world where our products are created.


Our designs

Qalan is aware of the trends that are set by the fashion industry. For our designs we use traditional craftsmanship techniques adapting them to western designs, where color, textures and materials are absolutely fundamental.



Verónica Silva. Designer

B.A Interior Design I.A.D.E Madrid

P.G.D Textile Design Central St. Martins. London

Since 1989 she has participated in projects collaborating with the development of South American countries. Organizations such as OSFAM, Spanish International  Development Agency A.E.C.I, Spanish Foundation for the Arts and Crafts in South America, Camper, The Body Shop....amongst others.





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