1.  Seeds from the Tagua or Ivory plant.


        Tagua palm tree                          Seeds from the tagua or ivory plant.


The tagua palm tree grows in subtropical forests in some South American countries. The tagua seed is picked by hand, without having to cut the tree. In the interior of the tagua body there are small coconuts that with timeharden and acquire a white coloring like that of ivory. The nuts found in the small coconuts are those wich end up being carved and polished, later to be used as jewelry. Because the process is all done by hand, each piece of jewelry is in fact very unique. The marketing of the tagua guarantees the survival of the jungle and its inhabitants.



2.  The açai seed.



                         Açai palm tree                                            Açai  seeds   

The açai or açai palm tree grows a fruit wich is very nutritious and has a high content of antioxidants. The açaiis a verry that not many people are familiar with. Despite its small size, it´s considered one of the most nutritious foods. It grows on the açai palm trees in the Amazon jungle. The natives of this area have used it for thousands of years as a basic part of their diet, furthermore, they use it to improve their health and vitality. For the indigenous tribes of the Amazon jungle, its name means "the crying fruit" referring to one of their legends. The açai seed has traditionally been used to make jewelry.                  



3. The Pambil seeds.

        The root of the pambil tree.                         Seeds  from the pambil                    


This tree lives in areas rich in water, where the vegetation is very dense and where obtaining a ray of sunshine is very hard task. The pambil tree is known as "the tree that walks", because its roots are not entirely rooted, on the contrary, they are partially exposed. As the tree grows, if another specimen shades the tree and there is a different area of sunshine, the tree begins to grow in the direction of the sun. As a result, the old roots begin to die while new roots grow. This process can last months and even years and once completed the tree has probably moved a few centimeters. Just enough to continue growing. The trunk of this tree is used by the indigenous people for building their homes. They use it for their floors and make pillars, while the leaves are used for roofing, to help protect them from the natural elements. The seeds are used to make jewelry.

4.  Huayruro.

         Huayruro tree                                                 The huayruro seeds.

Huayruro is considered the seed of good luck. It brings good fortune, luck and fame. It´s also used to fight against "the evil eye" and jealousy. This amulet or lucky charm originates from the Incas of Peru and was used as a necklace, pendant or bracelet. Its use has lasted until the present day. The huayruro tree can be found in the Amazon jungles of Peru and Venezuela. It comes from the Legumnosas family.  



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